JustGo (or Jump-Start Go) is a blueprint for bootstrapping productive development setup for a microservices (or regular APIs) written in Go programming language. One of the most confusing and time-consuming activities, in any programming environment, is: "how to set up initial layout of the project". You can spend days putting all of the boilerplate together without ever writing the code that actually implements your business logic. It's a huge waste of time, and yet it's a crucial step – a poorly set up project can become a significant bottleneck over time, especially if you are writing microservices, where you can end-up with dozens or hundreds of micro-projects all set up in a subpar way.

JustGo is a micro skeleton of a Go project the whole intention of which is to provide a best-practices project setup right out of the gate, so you can start writing useful code faster.

If you feel impatient, you can jump over to and start inspecting code. Otherwise, keep reading.

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